Tuition Details


  • 10% Pay on time discount is available to the Bunny, Panda, Lion, Elephant, Lamb, & Penguin classrooms, for children attending 5 days a week.
  • Vacation Credit equal to one week’s tuition after you have been enrolled for one full year.
  • No discount or refund is given for days missed due to illness, doctor’s appointments, or hanging out with family.
  • No discount is given for closures due to COVID-19.


  • Annual Registration fee is $50.00 per child. Registration fees are non- refundable. Due the month of your enrollment anniversary.
  • Late Payment Fee: 10% of your balance due.
  • Overtime rate is $25.00 per child, for care over 10 hours a day.
  • Late Pick-up Fee: $1.00 per minute, per child when picked up after the center has closed.
  • Activity & Field Trip Fee: Based on cost of off-site or on-site special event/activity


  • Masks are $3.00 each, when provided by the center.
  • T-shirts are $15.00 each, available in June each year


  • As a community we do everything we can to keep each other safe and healthy. However, from time to time, we may have an exposure incident in our program. If this occurs, we participate fully with King County Childcare Health Program guidance.
  • We will notify parents in the exposed classrooms immediately.
  • We will only close classrooms or the center if it is deemed to be the best method of keeping all of our children, teachers, and families safe and healthy.
  • If a partial or full closure is required, teachers are asked to use time in quarantine to refresh their skills with online classes and course work, lesson planning, and preparation for returning to work with new knowledge and understanding. They are paid for their time, and as such, there is no credit given for partial or full closures based on COVID-19 exposure.

Teacher Training

  • We close at 4 p.m. the 3rd Friday of every month for staff meetings.
  • We close all day on the 3rd Friday in March and the 3rd Friday in August for In-service training..

Weather Closures

  • We follow Highline Public Schools (HPS) for late start and closures due to weather.
  • If HPS is not in session, the decision is made on our ability to get our staff safely into work and meet the needs of all children.
  • Provide, and update,    your cell number and provider to receive text alerts.