Classroom5 days3 days2 daysDrop In
Bunny Class (6 wk -1 yr) $ 1,855 $1,484 $1,298. $84.32
Panda and Lion (1 yr – 33 mos) $1,519 $1,215 $1,063 $69.05
Preschool (33 mos – entering k) $1,402 $1,121 $981 $63.73
School Age (K – age 12) $863 $690 $604 $39.23
Before or After School (K-12) (2.5 hours of care per day) $431 $345 $ 302 n/a
Drop-in is only available to families attending 2 or 3 days a week. Drop-In days must be scheduled in advance and are limited to space available.


  • Sibling Discount a percentage off the oldest child
  • Pay-on-time: a percentage off if using our preferred payment method of Tuition Express or cash/check/money order payments made on the first business day of the month
  • Vacation Credit: One-week credit is given for vacation, after a full year of enrollment.
  • No Discount is given for days missed, including doctor’s appointments, hanging out with family, or illness
  • No Discount or credit is given if you are required to quarantine due to Covid-19


  • Masks are required for children 2 years old and up.  Provide 10 cloth masks for your child.  Masks provided by the center are $3.00 each
  • If you choose to withdraw your child due to Covid-19, you can place them on the wait list by paying the $50.00 registration fee
  • No credit is given for missed days due to exposure or positive covid-19

Fees and Charges:

  • Annual Registration fee is $50.00 per child. Registration fees go fund scholarships and are non-refundable.  Due the month of your enrollment anniversary.
  • Late Payment Fee: %10 of your balance due
  • Overtime rate is $25.00 per child, for care over 10 hours a day
  • Late Pick-up Fee: $1.00 per minute per child when picked up after the center has closed
  • Activity Fee: $25 for preschool and $50 for school-age children each month June, July, and August for in-house extra activities and off-campus activities
  • Field Trip Fee: Once we are allowed, preschool and school-age children will participate in field trips once a month or during school-out days. These field trips are based on the cost of the location.
Weather Closures
*We follow Highline Public Schools for late start and closures due to weather
*If HPS is not in session, the decision is made on our ability to get our staff safely into work and meet the needs of all children
*Provide your cell provider during enrollment to receive text alerts