Welcome to Grace Children’s Center

Together Through Challenging Times

As a ministry of Grace Lutheran Church, Grace Children’s Center has been committed to providing quality, engaging childcare for nearly 30 years. That quality has always included dedication to providing a healthy and safe environment for children, families, and staff.  That passion has only grown as our world faces the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are actively following CDC, King County Health Department, and the  Department of Children, Youth, and Families guidance for Best Practices during this season.  As a result, many standard practices in the field of Early Education have been adapted to do the best we can to Stay Healthy and Safe.  We want to work to keeping each other holistically Healthy and Safe.  

We want to support our families as they begin to re-enter working from outside the home and the need for a safe and healthy place for their child to spend their day.  This means addressing the expectations for cleaning, sanitizing, social distancing, and PPE for children and staff as well as the social/emotional challenges of starting something new.